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Here you get the world's most customisable and trusted eLearning solution.
Get Moodle

Get started with us! Hundreds of millions of people in thousands of educational institutions and organisations around the globe use Moodle as a toolbox to manage their online learning.

We at Aggreg8, support organisations get started by installing, hosting, configuring and/or managing your Learning Management System. We will also integrate Moodle into your organisation's HR and other systems.

"I was extremely impressed with Aggreg8 and the implementation of Moodle in our organisation. The platform was easy to navigate and provided a great learning experience. The integration of various learning tools and resources made it easy for me to access the materials I needed. The Aggreg8 team was responsive and helpful in addressing any questions or issues I had. Overall, I believe that Moodle has greatly improved our ability to deliver training effectively." Jonathan Campbell - Head of Learning

Moodle Features

Here are some of the many features that Moodle offers. Click the link below for a comprehensive list.
Feature Included
Modern, easy to use interface.
Designed to be responsive and accessible, the Moodle interface is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.
Plenty of personalisation capability.
Change the look, feel, and functionality to suit your needs as an organisation.
Collaborative tools and activities
Work and learn together in forums, wikis, glossaries, database activities, and much more.
When enabled, users can receive automatic alerts on new assignments and deadlines, forum posts and also send private messages to one another.
Track progress
Educators and learners can track progress and completion with an array of options for tracking individual activities or resources and at course level.
Customisable site design and layout
Easily customise a Moodle theme with your logo, colour schemes and much more - or simply design your own theme.
Encourage collaboration
Built-in collaborative publishing features foster engagement and encourage content-driven collaboration.
Secure authentication and mass enrolment
Over 50 authentication and enrolment options to add and enrol users to your Moodle site and courses.
Multilingual capability
Allow users to view course content and learn in their own language, or set it up for multilingual users and organisations.
Bulk course creation and easy backup
Add courses in bulk, back up and restore large courses with ease.
Manage user roles and permissions
Address security concerns by defining roles to specify and manage user access.
Supports open standards
Readily import and export IMS-LTI, SCORM courses and more into Moodle.
High interoperability
Freely integrate external applications and content or create your own plugin for custom integrations.
Simple plugin management
Install and disable plugins within a single admin interface.
Regular security updates
Moodle is regularly updated with the latest security patches to help ensure your Moodle site is secure.
Embed external resources
Teach materials and include assignments from other sites and connect to the gradebook in Moodle.
Marking workflow
Conveniently assign different markers to assignments, manage grade moderation and control when marks are released to individual learners.
Integrated Badges
Fully compatible with Mozilla Open Badges, motivate learners and reward participation and achievement with customised Badges.
Peer and self assessment
Built-in activities such as workshops and surveys encourages learners to view, grade and assess their own and other course members' work as a group.
Advanced grading
Select from advanced grading methods to tailor the gradebook to your course and examination criteria.
Competency based marking
Set up competencies with personal learning plans across courses and activities.
Security and privacy
Teach and share in a private space only you and your class can access.
See-at-a-glance Timeline
From your dashboard see deadlines and calendar events.

Getting Started

Let our team help you get Moodle for your organisation in five simple steps.
Step 1:

We discuss your Learning System needs

It's essential we do this right, so we start with doing a quick eLearning system needs analysis; an easy-to-understand one-pager, so we know how to hit the mark in providing the solution you need. The one-pager will include how many users will be using Moodle, what integration is required, specific features and getting the organisational branding on point.

Step 2:

We agree on the plan

The plan includes the size, customisation, price, integration and timelines to get your Learning System in place.

Step 3:

We implement and integrate Moodle

We work with you and implement and integrate Moodle into your People and Capability Systems Framework. We'll do the necessary customisation, train your teams and give you access and freedom to start building learning.

Step 4:

We evaluate and test your solution

We evaluate and test your new Learning System with you, and make the necessary changes and tweaks.

Step 5:

We continue to support you

We'll provide you with the ongoing support needed to keep your Learning System relevant, up to date, and secure.


Moodle integrates well with HR and other People and Capability Systems. We work with you to build an integrated learning eco-system that allows for minimal duplication, data accuracy and a great employee experience. Below are some examples of HR and Payroll systems that we integrate with Moodle.

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